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Coal Train

Coffee Depot

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Visit us in the Historic downtown of Rock Springs  
The Historic Train Depot
501 South Main Street
Rock Springs, WY 82901
enjoying coffee together at Coal Train


Coal Train Coffee Depot

We are a locally run coffee shop in the historic train depot in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and now with a new location in the historic Tomahawk building in Green River. This depot used to be a place where travelers would either say hello or goodbye to ones they love.

Our vision is to see the depot once again be used as a place to meet. Our heart for Coal Train is that it will be a gathering grounds where good coffee can be enjoyed in good company. So please come say hello, bring a friend and enjoy good coffee.

Coffee of the Month


Travel the world with us here at the Depot as we highlight a different country and coffee drink every month. The coffee beans stay the same but the way the coffee is prepared changes monthly and highlights the way coffee is enjoyed around the world. Drinks include a Cafe Sua Da from Vietnam which is an iced americano with sweetened condensed milk. Another is an Eiskaffe from Germany which is made by pouring iced coffee over ice cream and is topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. Stop by and travel the world with our international coffee of the month!

Nitro Cold Brew
Why Chapolera Coffee?


We are proud to be serving Chapolera Coffee. Chapolera is based out of Idaho Falls and gets all of it's beans from Colombia and only works with a handful of farmers. Their goal is to support the farmers but also pay tribute to the Chapoleras or the women who pick the coffee. The farmers, pickers, and Chapolera, our roasters all work hard to bring you your morning coffee. To learn more visit

501 South Main Street
Rock Springs, WY 82901
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