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Denise Webster

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Meet Denise Webster, our Conductor and Engineer at Coal Train Coffee. Coal Train has been a dream for Denise for years and she has always been a coffee connoisseur. She grew up in Helena Montana but has lived in Sweetwater County since 1997. She believes coffee is not to be enjoyed alone and is excited to offer a comfortable place to gather, hang out and enjoy a good cup o Joe. When not making coffee she enjoys spending time with her family, her dog Burt, and rock hunting out in the sands.

Emmalee Allen

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My partner, co-conductor and chief engineer at Coal Train Coffee, Emmalee Allen. Emmalee grew up in Farson, graduated from RSHS, and attended Northwest College on a band scholarship where she received an Agro-ecology degree. After that she finished that same field at UW with her bachelors degree. She has traveled to Africa four times.This girl LOVES agriculture and helping farmers! Especially, international farmers. She has a special interest in helping coffee farmers. This is where her position fits right in to our new shop.

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